Back to School Schedule 2017-18 
​Starts Aug. 28, 2017  
​Pickup at ProTKD. 

*ProTKD Modify schedule and closing Holidays: Thanksgiving Holiday, Winter Break Holiday, Spring Break Holiday, Labor Day, Memorial Day & Independence Day. 

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Resources & Links
5 Tenets of Pro TaeKwonDo

To be thoughtful and considerate of others. TKD students should be polite, and show consideration for others.

To be honest and to do the right thing. TKD practitioners should live by a code of moral values and principles.

To never give up in the pursuit of one’s goals. Students should welcome challenges because they cause us to grow and improve.

Self Control
To have control of one’s body and mind, not letting your impulses control you. TKD students should practice controlling their actions and reactions.

Indomitable Spirit
To have courage in face of adversity and unceasing self-will. TKD students should never be dominated by or have their spirit broken by others.